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So, who out there can make this part for you?

It has few common axis. The tolerances are tight. The shape and design suggest considerable engineering and fixturing. It requires an AS-9100 certified organization. And to make matters worse, the damn thing is made out of Nickel.

…and nobody wants to cut Nickel.

Engel Mfg. has been making the extremely difficult Aerospace and Defense part for a very long time!

90% of all our Production, LTA machining is composed of Inconel 625, AMS 5666 and Inconel 718, AMS 5662. Titanium 6AL-4V, AMS 4928 along with Stainless 347, AMS 5646 and 321, AMS 5647 round out the balance. We do both bars and castings.

Through our intense research, Process Engineering and Targeted Production Goals, Engel has developed methods to break down the complexity of the difficult design and Superalloy Nickel materials into more manageable and deliberative steps while at the same time maintaining Delivery and Quality levels.

Engel Mfg. is an AS-9100, Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015 company. The majority of what we produce ends up in Pratt & Whitney and GE jet engines, and most of that is Defense, primarily the Pratt & Whitney F135 Engine that powers the Lockheed F35 Joint Strike Fighter.

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