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It really comes down to three things:

Planning, planning and planning.

We do a ton of research. Tooling technology, especially as it applies to Aerospace materials, is constantly changing and adapting to a never-ending pursuit of costs reduction, increases in production life, better quality and more reliability of the machining process in general.


Given the kinds of materials we deal with and the demands for improved quality and delivery, only the best laid planning and the highest-level programming, tooling, fixturing and machine tools will suffice. EngineeringWhile working with simple alloys and stainless might get by in other applications, on the Nickel Superalloys used for high tech aerospace designs, every conceivable contingency must be anticipated. It runs the gamut from simple tool room saws to sophisticated ceramic inserts.

First off knowing and understanding Nickel material is critical. Precise and rigid multi-axis CNC machine tools are a must. And our experience of Production machining of Inconel is pretty extensive. 90% of what we cut is Inconel.

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