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Quality Control

Quality Control

Engel Mfg. is an AS9100, Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of CNC Precision Machined Aerospace and Defense hardware. Prior to this certification we adhered to Mil-I-45208A and Mil-Std-45662A. Our background and experience in Aerospace/Defense Product manufacturing goes back many years

Regardless of the fancy equipment, the voluminous binders of specs, Quality Records and Quality Manuals, unless there is a robust, professional commitment as an organization to producing the very best quality products, in the end the results can often times be mediocre and disappointing. That is to say, for Engel Mfg., Quality is based on attitude and commitment not on Procedures.

By design our Quality Manuals and Procedures are intentionally streamlined. Should a Machine Operator or Quality Tech not having the right attitude and commitment to the Quality Process, all the procedures and documentation in the world will make very little difference. From the onset of new hires and for seasoned personal, Quality Training is an everyday, ongoing procedure.

So our "Big Picture" is nothing more than a culmination of lots of small pictures. Every operation, at each operation, is required to commit to the Quality of its constituent part of that "Big Picture". When a discrepancy is discovered then it is normally of a more manageable nature that can be corrected quickly and efficiently rather than having it found at Final Inspect. For us, Final Inspection is just a verification of compliance, not some lame ass, train wreck of an effort to separate the bad parts from the good ones.

Quality Control

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